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Become an

English Teacher to

Space Animals!

For children ages 5 - 8

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Pop2Talk is a game focused on English language pronunciation and is developed together with children, parents and teachers.


Children get to teach English to space animals (who are preparing to land to Earth) and have fun by being a teacher and a learner at the same time!


The game is developed using the latest Finnish pedagogical approach making learning fun and it's educational.

Fun, Motivational

and Educational

Based on Scientific Research

Tested With Children

and Teachers

Our solution is to combine foreign-language learning with two novel elements, namely, gaming and a speech-based user interface that utilizes cutting-edge speech technology. Speech-based user interface encourages children to speak the target language as speech is needed to proceed in the game.


To aid learning, the game gives learners feedback by assigning stars according to computational scoring of pronunciation attempts.


Young student

Very good, levels were really nice and I liked the pictures and colors

Nice, user-friendly, engaging and educational



Disco is an experienced space jumper with great dance moves. Disco wants to go to Earth to learn new moves from people all over the world.


Max likes to build space ships and participate in space racing contests. Max wants to see how fast Earth's vehicles can go.


Chilli likes to travel around the universe and find new interesting places. Chilli's dream is to get to taste all of the Earth's ice-cream flavors.


Mia likes to learn new languages and meet interesting, new people. Mia wants to travel to Earth to get lots of new friends!