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About Us

Our vision is to build a world where language communication skills enable better economies and societies overall. To achieve this we believe that it's best to start from the children.

We all learn to master our native language by speaking and listening. Therefore, we believe that the best learning outcomes with foreign languages  are accomplished by early speech rehearsal.

But how to engage and motivate children for foreign language speech rehearsal?

Our solution is to combine two novel elements: gaming and a speech-based user interface. The interface utilizes a cutting-edge speech technology and machine learning.


Speech-based user interface encourages children to speak the target language as speech is needed to proceed in the game. The game gives learners feedback by assigning stars according to computational scoring of pronunciation attempts.

Pop2Talk is an English pronunciation game. It is developed together with children, parents and teachers.

The students are welcome on an exciting trip through space to explore all the sounds of the English language. They get to pick their favourite space animal for a travelling buddy for the trip.

Children enjoy popping the stones in the game and can't wait for cards to turn so that they can start speaking English and get stars for pronunciation.

The game is developed using the latest Finnish pedagogical approach, brain research, and speech technology. We have tested our language learning game with hundreds of children in Finland and the UK. 

Pop2Talk is best suited for 5-8 year old children. 

We are a team of speech recognition experts, brain researchers, game developers, graphic designers, phonetical and educational experts. 

Meet the Team

Alexander Thorarinsson

Back-End Developer

Emil Dewald

Game Developer

Reima Karhila


Researcher Speech Technology

Anna-Riikka Smolander

CEO, Linguistic and Pedagogical Lead

Eeva Halmila

Graphic Designer

Aino Hiltunen

Phonetical and

Pedagogical Specialist

Liisa Koponen

Pedagogical Specialist