Hello parent!

Learning good pronunciation in foreign languages is easiest at the age 4 to 8. 

At this age children have a unique ability to learn, Pop2Talk works to build on this and enable the development of strong spoken language skills.

Pop2Talk is a new entirely speech-based method to clear pronunciation and basic vocabulary. The Pop2Talk method is the result of years of scientific research.

Pop2Talk can be used for self-learning or to augment language learning in schools.

Pop2Talk allows pronunciation rehearsal as if with a native speaker whenever and wherever.

Pop2Talk is safe, simple to use and can be played without supervision.

The full Pop2Talk game for English will be released in September 2020 and it will include:

- 16 module curriculum covering all English speech sounds - play at your own pace!

- 129 words or phrases

Tip from a parent of boys aged 5 and 8:

"My kids strongly prefer purely recreational games. I let them play those games only after they've played 15 minutes of some educational game like Pop2Talk!"

Try it yourself!

Download Pop2Talk English now and use your free 3 day trial!


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