Linguajoy & Pop2Talk Collaboration!

Pop2Talk-team had an amazing chance to co-operate with Henrietta Kvist, the founder of Linguajoy. Linguajoy is a language club in Helsinki that offers innovative language learning experiences through language courses and summer camps for 2-14 year old children. They offer a great array of languages from Swedish to German, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. The staff includes native teachers and they have a cosy studio in Lauttasaari, Helsinki. (Linguajoy, 2019.)

© Aalto University, University of Helsinki

We visited their English summer camp and conducted a two-day gaming period with our language-learning game Pop2Talk. The focus group included Finnish children from ages 5 to 8. The children got a chance to play the game and share their gaming experience with us. As a team of pedagogical experts and researchers at Aalto University and The University of Helsinki, we appreciate the direct feedback from the users: children! According to children collecting moonstones and pronouncing English words were the most favourite features of the game.

It was delightful to see children’s engagement and excitement with Pop2Talk! Our language game Pop2Talk brings variation to traditional language learning. Children get to experience autonomy while simultaneously learning to pronounce foreign words. These motivational factors were observed in our gaming period at Linguajoy. Our game is based on speech - the language learning can begin even before any literary skills are obtained!

© Aalto University, University of Helsinki

We would like to express our gratitude to Linguajoy and Henrietta for this collaboration and wish warm summer for everyone!

If you want to read more about our testing, check out our last blog post about our collaboration with Tollgate Primary school in London!

Writer Aino Hiltunen, University of Helsinki

Photos © Aalto university, University of Helsinki

References: Linguajoy, (2019).

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