Greetings from London!

2020 is in full swing,  as we wave goodbye to the past year, we are filled with unforgettable memories.

In November 2019, we tested the Pop2talk game at several schools in London. The  trip was a huge success! We tested the improved version of the Pop2Talk game with  children aged between 3 and 8 years. Our diligent testers shared their experiences with us during and after the gaming. Another  highly important aim for our trip was to discuss with the experts in language learning: teachers! We got invaluable comments on our application from the language teachers and primary educators. Teachers also left feedback about the game, and this is how a language teacher commented our game:

Nice, user-friendly, engaging and educational application!

Most of the trip we spent at the amazing International School of London. This institution represents high academic standards and the staff truly is the top professionals in education. The global school that values different cultures and languages and boldly develops a pupil’s strengths. Multilingualism and different backgrounds are truly celebrated in this school!  Also, even though the school is big, it occurred to us that each student is seen individually. We learned a lot about how wonderful and innovative the pedagogy can be. We were more than happy to collaborate with this kind of school. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the International School of London’s staff and children! 

We wanted to test the usability of the game and what do the children like the most in our improved version of the game. We observed and wrote down all the things that could work better for the young players and also what are those things that children love the most in our game. Children gave us also a lot of creative and new ideas on what kind of planets they wish to see in the game. Children are truly the top professionals on this topic!

The best part of our trip was to see all the joy and excitement during the gaming periods. Our goal is to develop a fun, motivational and educational game that would bring children a lot of joy. Wellbeing for children comes through joy and play, and these are the things we wish to keep improving in our game! 

Pop2Talk team wants to thank our partners for collaborations, and we wish you a Happy New Year 2020! 

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Writer: Liisa Koponen, University of Helsinki