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The Story

There is an infinite number of interesting and exciting things in space: moons, comets, asteroids, planets, dark matter...


If you look closely with the telescope from the North Star to the slightly left oblique, you might see something plush, soft and mysteriously interesting. It's a planet called Fluffy. Fluffy is still an unknown planet to most people, and neither is it inhabited by humans or animals as we know them. The Fluffy planet is full of space-animals!

Among space-animals, on planet Fluffy lives a group of friends who love to travel across the universe and learn new languages ​​and cultures. Although some of the group have already travelled extensively along the Milky Way, most of this huge entity is still unexplored.

As an experienced traveller, Chilli has heard about a planet called “Earth” on the Orion branch. They get a huge bundle of information that sheds light on each other's more inspirational facts on Earth.

"There are hundreds of different dance styles on the planet. I can quickly take on new moves!" Disco enthuses as a hard-working dancer.

"Oh, wonderful! There are over 7 billion people on Earth, I want to get to know each one!" Mia cries out.

"This looks like a great planet, and there is a huge variety of vehicles that I would love to explore!" Thinks Max.

"But how can we talk to people on Earth?" Disco suddenly remembers.

Chilli offers reassurance:


"Do not worry, I have heard that by traveling through space with children, you can learn English well! The children of the planet Earth are happy to teach you English and learn it with you. 


Let's go already! We can have fun with these kids while learning the language in space. It'll be fun for everyone!"

The adventure can begin!

Are you ready to help Max, Chilli, Disco and Mia achieve their dreams?