Hello teacher!

Are you happy with your current tools for teaching pronunciation? Would you like to try something new?

Pop2Talk is a new entirely speech-based method to teach clear pronunciation and basic vocabulary to children aged 4–8.


The Pop2Talk method has been developed and tested for use in schools to enrich foreign language lessons.

Now we're talking!

Pop2Talk is a playful method to start learning how to speak a foreign language. It is not a replacement for pen and paper but an additional tool, where every child can practice as if with a native speaker.

Effortless but effective

The default curriculum covers one semester.

A moment for everyone

Pop2Talk provides a support tool for the teacher, enabling them to spend more time in class with those who need the most help.

Embrace the individual

Pop2Talk allows individualised learning. Children can progress in Pop2Talk at their own pace. The teacher dashboard offers insights into how each child is learning pronunciation and vocabulary.

The full Pop2Talk game for English and teacher dashboard will be released in September 2020 and it will include:

- 16 module curriculum covering all English speech sounds

- 129 words or phrases

- Web backend for managing student accounts

- Reports to monitor learning

- Printable diplomas for kids who pass the course

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